Hiring wrong will change the culture of your company.

People are always looking for people to work for them. As we start to move out of the restrictions of Covid-19 the hospitality industry is battling to find people to come work in their restaurants, pubs etc. There are many reasons for this (and I’m not going into that today). What I do want to … Read moreHiring wrong will change the culture of your company.

Are you being manipulated?

You are! The world we live in is one based on intense attention grabbing. Social networks, Search and media are vying for your constant attention and fear-mongering you into submission! Our thoughts are the key drivers in melding the outputs. Makes sense right? Here is the scary reality! What influences your thought? Hint: read above. … Read moreAre you being manipulated?

What advice will I give young Brett?

To start, it’s not going to be anything like talent, family, connections or school ties is going to make you successful. Nope. None of this actually matters. Hard work, consistency, seeking out advisors or mentors, coaches and people to inspire you – that will make the difference. It is important to remember we don’t achieve … Read moreWhat advice will I give young Brett?

Do you know how to redirect your energy?

Take all the forces pushing back on you and shift them into a positive force. Think about Aikido. This is a popular Martial Arts and one that some famous people like Steven Segal are very skilled in. They don’t use force against their enemies, they take the movement or attack from their enemy and harness … Read moreDo you know how to redirect your energy?


It’s midweek which is hump-day for most people.Starting to plan what to do on the weekend?Thinking about which show you will be binge watching?What will the weather be like over the weekend? Well stop it! It’s only Wednesday. Finish today; Start tomorrow refreshed and Finish strong on Friday! You can’t let yourself get distracted by … Read morePause

Sometimes expectations grow in the most unexpected place

I have been talking about goals and steps to plan to achieve them. This is a good thing. However, sometimes opportunities are just there! The message is not to be so focussed on achieving the goal that you have set but to ensure you still have some bandwidth to be able to gauge what else … Read moreSometimes expectations grow in the most unexpected place

What do people say about you when you are not around?

Do you really want to know? Well I wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t something I was thinking about it. The simple answer is – Yes – you should know. Why? People will always have a perception of you – I wrote recently about the persona people put on in public vs who … Read moreWhat do people say about you when you are not around?

Do your connections give or receive value?

Lets categorise the roles people play in our lives: A Giver – they will give you more than they take. Offering advice, maybe someone who writes motivational posts everyday and not expecting anything in return 😉 A Matcher – This is someone who does something when someone else does something too – kind of keeps … Read moreDo your connections give or receive value?

Common characteristics of successful people part 3 of 3

Time is money! This however is often not really looked at in context. You see – when you get “distracted” by TikTok or the local community posts on Facebook this literally costs money. Here is an example: If you earn $150k per year, this is $411 per day, $17 per hour and 30 cents per … Read moreCommon characteristics of successful people part 3 of 3

Common characteristics of successful people part 2 of 3

You need to have a sacred duty or mission for what you are doing. If you have a core belief that you built your business around and spend every day ensuring that mission is not only achieved but grows and gets bigger and better. The Story of Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz’s Dad (here is a … Read moreCommon characteristics of successful people part 2 of 3

Common characteristics of successful people part 1 of 3

A thirst for learning! Successful people have an insatiable thirst for learning – not just reading books – but taking in knowledge from everywhere and everyone. So; always be learning – pay attention to everyone and all around you. the smartest person in the room is the one that talks the least – in fact … Read moreCommon characteristics of successful people part 1 of 3


Yesterday I wrote about authenticity. I put a couple of points forward – but thought I should expand a bit. Read yesterday’s points again then continue : Don’t tolerate other people’s crap! Don’t just swallow the stuff they spewing – walk away and stay away – you start to smell like sh*t if you hang … Read moreReal

Here is where you will find the opportunity

We don’t lack for opportunities but rather we have been conditioned to pre-empt failure. We have a fear-factor trigger that stops us taking the first step as we may get rejected. We don’t want to approach someone to discuss something incase they are not receptive to our approach. We don’t go after the new job … Read moreHere is where you will find the opportunity

Taking responsibility for you day 5 of 5

Lets quickly recap the week: Accepting that everything is your responsibility Stop negative influence Invest in yourself Look at your own capabilities Today, to sum it all up – you need to realise that this is not a band-aid. It’s a journey! You have to journey to greatness – you don’t just wake up, read … Read moreTaking responsibility for you day 5 of 5

How to motivate others part 2 of 3

Teams or more so, employees used to only work for a paycheck and were not really interested in anything else. Boy have things changed. The modern day, more educated, employee wants to know that what they do or work on contributes to the bigger picture but more so and probably more importantly, helps them get … Read moreHow to motivate others part 2 of 3

Do you actually know what you are doing?

Most decisions these days seem to be reactive! Things have changed, we need to pivot, its unprecedented times etc etc Its all rubbish! Things are always changing, you should always be pivoting (remember we used to call this being Agile …) and times are no more unprecedented than they are at any other bump in … Read moreDo you actually know what you are doing?

How to get people to buy into your dream

Your team doesn’t really care about your vision. This is the first lesson you need to learn about being a leader. You, need to buy into theirs! This applies to your customers, family and everyone actually. People work for themselves. They work to earn a living and pay their bills and achieve their goals. If … Read moreHow to get people to buy into your dream

The terrible truth of success

The secret to success is actually incredibly mundane. It is an incredibly monotonous journey to be successful. Sounds horrible, it is. 90 percent of success is the product of mundane repetitive actions. When you don’t feel like working out at gym, successful people are already on their second set! When you have completed your to-do-list … Read moreThe terrible truth of success

Sprautumn cleaning part 5 of 5

What a week! I hope that my Sprautumn thinking has helped. Last one before the weekend. Now for the physical! Is your actual space (or world) organised? We have looked at the emotional and non physical requirements this last week. Now the place where we work – whether this is physical ie clean your desk … Read moreSprautumn cleaning part 5 of 5

Sprautumn cleaning part 1 of 5

As I have readers in both hemispheres and some are going into Spring and others Autumn this week is all about “Sprautumn” The big focus at the moment is weathering the Covid-19 storm and this doesn’t care which hemishere we are in. Where Spring is a time of growth and new starts and Autumn preparing … Read moreSprautumn cleaning part 1 of 5

Accountability with personal development

I chatted yesterday about being accountable to yourself and how to do so. What I left out was growing. If we are not learning or developing we are not growing. It is equally important to ensure that personal development or learning occur when looking at your actions. What did you do right this last week? … Read moreAccountability with personal development

We need to laugh a bit more.

Laughter is the best medicine! There he goes with the clichés again. But maybe it’s true? We live in an over-serious time. Everyone’s scared of saying something or doing something or even suggesting something as there could be ramifications. It’s time to lighten up. Everyone enjoys a good laugh and yes it has been medically … Read moreWe need to laugh a bit more.

Familiarity breeds …

Nope not contempt. Actually. The answer is nothing! Let me explain. When a relationship between employer and employee moves towards the familiar zone the willingness to learn or acquire knowledge diminishes. Take training. If you are in the training business your staff are likely not going to ask you for advice. Why? Well for them … Read moreFamiliarity breeds …

Choices over the Festive period

I have mentioned before how little actions become big ones via compounding. As we enter the Festive season our resistance crumbles and our will power too. I am not suggesting that you don’t relax and recharge I’m just reminding you of how hard you have worked over the year to achieve the current status quo … Read moreChoices over the Festive period

Rock bottom is a solid foundation!

Hitting rock bottom is not a bad thing. You see not only can you not go any further down (unless you have dynamite or heavy duty drilling equipment) but rock is a solid foundation and this is critical to build big structures. No I haven’t gone crazy, well not yet. People often say “It can’t … Read moreRock bottom is a solid foundation!