Solving the puzzle

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When you sit down to solve a puzzle there is (usually) some planning involved.

One – you look at the picture
Two – try get all the flat edges together
Three – start the outside frame
Four – start looking for identifiable pieces and
Five -get frustrated!

Business is the same.

You have to have a clear picture in your mind to be able to know what it is you are doing or hoping to build.

Have you ever noticed that if you stand back from building a puzzle you can get a clearer over-all view?

Business is the same – sometimes – you have to stand back and take a wider overview

If you are frustrated – walk away!

Take a break.

You can’t build when you are not in the right frame of mind.

Like a puzzle – each piece only goes in one place!

You can not force a piece into a place if it doesnt go there. This is no different to the people working for or with you. They are all individuals and will fall into place when required to and if they are supposed to.

If you try force a relationship chances are it will not fit.

If you can use this thinking – the chances are that you will be able to complete the puzzle.

There is however one more thing to consider.

Like a puzzle, you need to actually like the picture!

If you don’t like the picture, why build it?

So if you have done the initial planning and don’t like the picture you are looking at – start again – don’t start building something you don’t actually want to build!


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