Own the weekend

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Life is about experiences so make sure you capitalise on these.

It’s the weekend, you have worked hard and long – so why not do something unique? Why not do something that will be remembered years from now.

Could be a restaurant far away, maybe sit in a park and feed the ducks while sipping champagne? Charter a sailing boat and cruise the harbour – there are tons of things.

I have been sitting thinking about all the weeks or months of lock-downs that we had and this made me think – by being at home I find myself working longer over the weekend than I used too (I do work on the weekends but most of this is preparation as opposed to deadline or delivery – there is a difference).

So, if not every weekend, plan for at least one weekend a month to go and do something you wouldn’t normally do – it can be super simple or incredibly involved – the important thing is to do it.

Do it with your friends, or family or even on your own – but do it.

If you want some cool examples or need inspirations – Klook in the mall.


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