Want a better routine?

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Yesterday I mentioned routines and not getting distracted.

You need to protect your morning and the importance of this will have a knock on effect for the rest of the day.

Think about how many times you have changed your morning routine (especially giving up gym or reading because an “important” meeting was called)?

There are 2 objectives for having a morning routine:

  1. Get ready and
  2. Launch

The secret though is that you need to start the day or evening before!

Yip – starting your day off right means planning the prioritioes the day before.

You see if you plan right, you start right.

Spending time deciding what to do is not only wasting time, but if you not ready to start, you are ready to be distracted.

Another really important part of doing well is to sleep. Now I am the worst at this but I have to say I know how important sleep is.

Find what you need to do to sleep better. A tip is to be physically tired, not mentally tired. You need to be physically tired to sleep better.

So do exercise later in the day – wear yourself out. Go for a walk or go to gym or do something to tire yourself out

Check back tomorrow to find out what to do next.


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