When they leave

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How do you deal when a key person leaves your company?

Especially someone you were grooming for leadership or worse – succession!

We feel like we have been personally attacked!

Been beaten with a baseball bat even!

There is something you need to remember; we are all selfish!

We do for us not for you.

This is a human trait not a personal one.

They worked for you to earn money for them!

Once you can understand this – you will find these “betrayals” easier to handle.

These people never actually worked for you. They were in your employ but they worked for themselves.

They work to earn money for them and their lives not for you.

What we can do, is make sure that when (not if) they leave – they leave thinking that it was the best time they had and the best opportunities they could get.

The opposite means you both wasted your time.

I did that once – I wasted 9 months of my life and to this day I still tell people the story – what do they take away from this? That the company I worked for was evil.

If I look back on it now, the company probably wasn’t, just the toxic people I worked with – but still – this is the portrayal of the organisation that I place out there.

So, today’s thought. If people are going to spend time in your company, make sure it is both memorable and enjoyable.


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