How do you find the next superstar?

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Yesterday I spoke about adding more value to what you do or offer. What about having the right people to help you do this?

If you are a sales centric business then you need to have superstars out in the field scoring the goals, right?

We all know the “spend money to make money” mantra – well spending money correctly will make you money, the opposite is also true.

Get the best people not just people.

Get the people that will add value from day 1 not need a month to get up to speed.

Get the people that are laser focussed on kicking the goals.

This is easier said than done, but the secret is to look at what you actually are offering. The discussion yesterday about adding value, doesn’t only pertain to your customers, but to your team as well.

They don’t just work for a pay-check, that is is a given. They want value in their lives, they want to feel that they are contributing to something worthwhile, they want to feel that what they are doing is making the world a better place, not just running on the hamster wheel.

So, another way of increasing value and thereby profit is finding the right superstars to put out on the field.


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