Do you really know how to learn?

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There is a difference between learning and consuming info.

Most of us unfortunately just do the later!

We consume to pass a test or course – but how much do you remember a month, six months or even a year out?

Nothing, right?

You need to actually learn. This means not being lazy – we have become lazy when it comes to learning. It’s easier to just Ask Google, right?

The reality is that in learning, you have to dig new channels in your brain to actually learn and retain the info.

You also need to be more curious. This is not about learning or consuming what is in front of you or required of you.

How? Ask questions!

Question the content, ask questions and challenge the info. This helps you actually retain and take in the info.

The next thing and probably the most important, is to have a goal! Why are you learning? What are you learning? Once you have the goal, it’s easier to work towards the outcome which is the increase of your knowledge in the subject.

You also need to work or learn within sessions. We can’t learn if its too short and equally, we can’t retain if the session is too long.
You need a disciplined, dedicated period of time (around 1 hour) to learn and digest the content.

Try space out the period of time in between learning – instead of cramming the whole day – do the sessions over a few days or even weeks.

There are probably a few more steps or tips when it comes to learning but I will end this off with reviewing!

Repeat and review the consumption of the content. You need to retain this so practice makes perfect is the principle to apply here. Repetition leads too retention.

Ok one more, teach what you have learnt to someone else. If they don’t get it, you probably haven’t learnt it correctly or well enough.


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