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I thought I would continue off of yesterday’s post.

I mentioned my thoughts on Black Friday (and including Cyber monday yesterday) on my show #TechKnowledgy – last week and the point I made was that if you don’t need something don’t buy it!

I’m thinking about what I wrote yesterday and then after reading the sales numbers posted realised, for a world that has had such a hard year, we found our happiness in unnecessary spending!

The bigger problem that follows is the credit card debt for all these purchases!

Today I want to point out (probably a bit late – but maybe a thought for your Christmas spending and any other spending going forward, if you going to shop and buy things based on them being a good deal – do not get yourself into debt to get the good deal because to me that doesn’t sound like a good deal!

Do I now make a play on words? De(a)liaf

Spend wisely using your brain not your heart.


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