Patience is a …

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Image: Toronto housing and homeless

I really didn’t want to have a clichè in the heading.

But, I thought as we go into the weekend, which is generally a time to relax and reflect – try looking at your ability (or lack of) to show and practice patience.

We are living in incredibly stressful times, everyone is more on the edge than usual and in such, we are all stressed out more.

Patience not only helps you keep calm and reduce your blood-pressure and stress, but the effects on others is noticeable too.

It is not easy – but an example, if you think about it, and show a bit of empathy before hitting the hooter at the car in front of you or huffing and puffing when in a check out line and an elderly person is ahead of you counting coins to pay for their groceries, everyone around you will also be calmer and maybe we can all just step it down a level.

Breathing is not only essential to live, but regular pauses in your day, to literally stop and breathe, go a long way to helping you maintain a calmer and patient existence.


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