Do you really want to be free?

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Learn who you are and then master being you.

Basically – being strong is good but struggling is necessary to make you strong.

You see – sometimes it is better to have less and be content than have an abundance and spend your time worrying about who is coming to take it from you.

Quality of life and freedom diminishes as you gain more of what you have.

If you have no shoes then a pair of shoes seems awesome, when you have 100 pairs your stress is about where you put them all or which ones to wear.

This may seem trivial but it can be applied to everything in life.

Understanding the marginal benefit of excess will help you realise that more is not more in value or satisfaction but possibly more in stress.

So the message today is to work out what are you prepared to do, to get what you want, and is the answer freedom?

However, the lesson you need to learn is how much is too much and realise when to stop chasing that which you seek.

Understanding what you want, who you want to do it with and where you want to be when you doing it along with the ability to actually do it; that is true freedom and success!


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