How to become unlikeable

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Yesterday I spoke about becoming likeable – let’s look at the opposite today.

Stay in the moment!

When you are in a meeting or having a conversation – don’t look at your phone. I am still amazed how people answer their phones in meetings to tell people they are in meetings! When you are having a meeting – have the meeting that is where you are then. Stay there.

It’s not all about you! This is important, a meeting is not a monologue.

Don’t make a meeting about you. In fact – if you are trying to grow a business or get the deal – you should be listening – first for the cues that may be given but also to hear what the customer actually wants!

Lastly – relax. Don’t be so serious!

Stop being offended by everything, stop trying to be PC the whole time. Read the room, have a chat and be human – we all find things to be offended by. Just remember if you are not in control of something, don’t spend time ranting and raving about it. Be you and say and do what you do not what you think you supposed to do. This will alienate some people and possibly make you unlikeable but it will also show you are authentic.


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