Spring cleaned

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We are now almost at the end of the first month of Spring (sorry Northern Hemisphere – its about to get colder for you).

Hopefully by now you have cleared off the cob-webs, packed away the winter clothes and got yourself mentally and physically ready for Summer.

This is not just about vacation planning and in these somewhat “interesting” times those may need to be put on hold or re-thought.
I am referring to getting ready for new opportunities, new adventures, new businesses, new deals and most importantly of all; a new you.

Every year at this time I reflect back on the year and then see what I can do for the last push before the annual vacation to not only ensure I can take some time off, but also that my business will be ready for the shut down and more importantly still be there when I come back.

Have you sat down and done the same planning?

Its not too late if you haven’t.

Take the weekend to think about it and get an outline down for the start of next week and the months to follow.


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