Want to know how to make better choices?

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Learn the difference between can’t and don’t want to!

This is where so many people get it wrong!

If you have a great idea and your team loves the idea and the idea makes perfect sense its a no brainer right?


A quote from the great Steve Jobs: ” Innovation is saying NO to 1000 things”.

Our time is the most important asset that we have – so choosing where to spend or focus it is the most costly decision you can make.

So you have to choose what you are going to focus on and make better choices when selecting them.

The win will be deciding what not to choose or focus on rather than choosing what to focus on. By eliminating, you leave the real gems.

A thought – when looking for a diamond, you have to remove tons of layers to get to the stone. Its no different in business – remove the distractions to get to the wealth!


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