How to add value

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This is done by subtraction.

The three requirements your customers require:


So instead of trying to do more for your customers and yourself – try remove things instead.

We have been programmed to be everything to everyone or to create a 1-stop-shop.

I don’t know about you, but if I am being operated on I would hope my surgeon only does surgery all day long and doesn’t drive an Uber at night to substitute his income.

Even more so – I would want him to only do one type of operation or focus on one type of body part.

The thinking here is to reduce the amount of information and get the message across simply and clearly.

Leaving operations alone for now.

The more information you provide, the more chance you have of confusing or contradicting!

Less really is more.

So start thinking about how to subtract rather than add.

So today – go out and be less to others than more.


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