Stop lying to yourself

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The theory of thinking positively is that it will then manifest positive things.

Its a nice fairy tale and there is even a book about it.

But unfortunately standing in front of a mirror and telling yourself that you are awesome and that today is going to be a great day etc etc is just not actually going to work.

Don’t get me wrong – a positive outlook is great – but it is not the silver bullet.

In fact you are sabotaging your potential to grow.

You see – you can’t just wish something into existence you actually have to work for it!

You do need a positive outset – but you need to change what happens when you look in the mirror.

You need to stop lying!

Look in the mirror and say .. I am fat.
or I am broke.
or I really am not funny.

You get it.

The truth hurts – but guess what.

This painful truth will make you reaslise what actually needs to be done to get the results you want.

The sooner you stop lying to yourself – the sooner you will be on the path to growth and improvement.

This is one of the hardest exercises you will have to do – but I promise that it will be worthwhile.

If you really want a result or outcome – do it!

Be honest and then do honest

A positive action can change every negative situation.


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