Are you a leader or a manager?

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Let’s look at the difference between the two:

Both are necessary but you need to know which role you are in.

Leadership is figuring out the right things to do management is doing those things right.

Effective leadership is ensuring the quality of the outcome or deciding on the right direction to take. Management – is the effective use of time to get there.

So the leader is the one who thinks up the goal or direction – they are the ones with the dreams or ideas.

The manager then needs to work out what is required and how or by when to achieve these goals or visions of the company.

This is why you need both but can’t be both!

This is a mistake I have made and so many of my clients (and probably you too) have also made.

Leaders should be concerned about people whereas Managers should be focussed on processes.

People follow Leaders but report to Managers.

You get it?

I can carry on and should as this is critical to most business shortcomings – let’s set up a time and I can help you with this identity.


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