Know how to restore your sanity?

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I hope everyone had a good Easter break and spent time catching up with family and loved ones; I did thats why there was no post yesterday.

So lets get on with the week then.

We all have moments when we feel overwhelmed. The last 2 years have not helped the situation either.

The good news is that you are not alone. Everyone experiences this.

In fact, the more senior you are, chances are, the more you will feel the pressure and therefore overwhelmed.

We can identify what causes it – it is usually when you are out of control or at least feel out of control.

This is because your body goes out of whack, releases chemicals and next you know it – you are overwhelmed.

The physical and health risks of this status are not good. So it is important you get on top of this as quickly as possible.

The way to help yourself is to shut off everything. Yip – shut-off the world.

By removing all stressors from your life and immediate environment, you will give yourself the chance to actually correct and fix the things that are causing the state of overwhelming.

If you can’t shut off everything then the next best thing to do; Breathe!

Yip slow down your breathing, remove any signs of hypertension and by slowing your breathing you help your body move and process the stress. There are some amazing apps for this and if you have an Apple Watch there is a built in breathing app.

Another idea is to talk about it. Find someone who calms or centres you and talk to them.

This is why people go to psychlogists – they are someone you can speak to.

If you feel that this is not for you – then chose a trusted friend who you know will not judge you or berate you.

Talk it out and in so doing, find the solution.

Most important of all, is don’t ignore it or let it build up.


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