Do you strive for these 5 things?

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Throw your CV and experience out the window!

There are jobs 10 years for now that no one is qualified for – so who cares what you have done – its what you can do, want to do or love to do that will count in the future.

I hate the word “future-proof” especially when it comes to technology and business planning or investment. Here is a better idea, or 5 better ideas to prepare you for the future:

1. Leverage your strengths. Don’t worry about the job – look at the skills or strengths that you have to bring to the table.
2. What do you enjoy doing? What do you do that is enjoyable that others find to be work? I love building tech solutions – others pay me to do so, see?
3. Take a step back – even though you have the skills or strengths – you may need to step back or even down the ladder when entering a new industry.
4. Be aware – don’t let people put you off that which you want to do. Have you heard people say – “She is a born salesperson”? She may be a great salesperson but if you read above, it may not be what she wants to do. Don’t let anyone put you in a box – be and do whatever you want to if you believe you can be the best at it!
5. Build your support team – this is critical. Given the above and the potential negative energy and people trying to talk you out of what you want to do and where you want to grow. Have the right people around you and the right people to believe in and work with you. I often mentor people or even act as a life coach for some of my clients as they turn to me for this type of reinforcement and encouragement as well as honesty if need be.

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