Laughter is the best medicine

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Yesterday I spoke about unlocking ideas and potential that we didn’t even know we had in us.

Have you shown or discussed an idea with someone and they laughed at you?

Did someone tell you that it is crazy to think that what you want to do will work?

The message today is not to be deterred by the laughter of others but rather fuel your drive with it.

A cautionary note – if the idea is hair-brained and you have been given reasons why it won’t work because of legal or moral reasons this may be a moment to pause and re-think the idea.

Many successful people started with an idea that was laughed at and sometimes caused side-splitting, floor-falling comedic reactions. Fast forward and that person is laughing all the way to the bank!

I personally tend to laugh a bit when I am nervous ( a lot of people do) – maybe the big investors that laugh at your idea are doing so as they have realised that you will be far more successful than they are and this has them scared!


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