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To Insure Performance

This is what “T I P” actually means.

We all get it wrong though. We give a tip at the end of the meal for service rendered.

My late uncle used to walk in to a hotel when holidaying and hand out dollar bills like it was raining them. Needless to say the service and special treatment he received was out of this world.

The part of this story I left out was that this was about 50 years ago, in Europe and he was handing out Zimbabwean Dollars which were worthless (but nobody knew that then).

The point however, is that by tendering kindness before an event or outing, chances are you will have an even better experience.

This doesn’t have to be money – this can be a kind or re-assuring word. Pass praise onto a team member for a job well done.

Make people feel special and they will treat you accordingly.


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