Are you blessed?

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Nope – sorry but you are not.

Now this is not a biblical reference I’m talking about when people say – how did you get that? or Wow that was lucky!

Don’t answer them saying I was blessed or yes I am lucky!

You are neither!

Not to alienate anyone here but I am going to bet that more people are successful due to super hard work than being super lucky!

Yes, luck can influence things in life, I have often said – its timing or being in the right place at the right time.


Well kind of – you see I have come to realise that that is only 50% of the formula. You actually have to be the best at what you do or know your topic better than anyone else etc.

Don’t agree?

Ok – lets say you have an idea but havent fleshed it out, prepared a business plan or even built a MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Now the “Universe” puts you in the room with the perfect investor; do you think you could close the deal?

You can’t!

So, its not about being lucky or in the right place it is about doing the hard work and never giving up and then hopefully being in the right place or with the right person once you are ready. If you are not lucky enough or blessed to find yourself in the room, then make the effort to get there or in front of the person because you are now ready!

The good news is that if you do the hard work and don’t land up in the room with the correct person, so what!

There will be other people and other routes as you have done the work and are ready to go.

No one invests in an idea, people will invest in a product or even a person or both, but not an idea. This is critical to comprehend. Ideas are like heads, everyone has one; its the actual product or execution that gets the money!

So here’s an idea. Spend the weekend thinking about this and then hopefully you will come to a realisation that you are already blessed – to be alive is the biggest blessing there is, it is what you do with the time that counts – don’t waste it!


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