Putt for the dough

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This is a clichè that you will know if you are a golfer.

Drive for the show – putt for the dough.

If you are not a golfer then basically – it’s not how you get to the green but sinking the putt that counts.

Now for those of you that have played golf with me – you will know – I definitly don’t drive for show (I don’t really drive unless you count a big hook as a drive).

But the one thing I can do, is putt!

This is where the hole is won.

The idea here is to highlight that it is the winning shot that counts – so if we apply this to business we get the same great advice.

Chose the part of your business that returns the biggest results.

Then focus on that thing 10 times more than anything else in the business.

Once you have mastered this – then expand away from this function to start working on the next function – but don’t stop working on the core highest-yielding function in the business.

So, if delivery is the key to success – master getting deliveries done, as quickly and accurately as possible and more so than your competitors and let other people in the organisation do what they need to.


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