Feeling overwhelmed? It’s normal

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Photo: The Self employed

It’s a human condition and happens to all of us.

There is nothing wrong with feeling this way only if we don’t know how to deal with it will it affect us.


  1. Switch off. This means disconnect from the world. Turn off emails. Social etc.
  2. Pause. Breathe. It’s seems like a silly comment but now that you have stopped. Take a deep breathe. Take a few.
  3. Write it all down. Get all the stuff running around in your head down on to paper. The action of writing it down will in itself help relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  4. Identify the 3 most important points/tasks/actions from what you have written down and then
  5. Choose just one of these 3 and go do it.

Simple methods and repetitions of actions go a long way to being structured which in itself will de-stress you.


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