Personal Growth

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Studying is good – but are you actually understanding what you are taking in or just ticking a box? Are you actually focussed on the task or just doing the task?

We also like to consume everything so as to ensure we know something about everything in our field as opposed to rather looking at what you need now!

If you are currently working on integrating AI into your business then this is what you need to be focussing on and making sure you are across – not all the secondary or ancillary services and tools that could work with the AI (remember – its not installed yet so nothing else is going to work with something that is not there)!

Look at different sources of information and then study it and learn everything about it. Choose a mentor or series of learnings and then be the best at it or learn everything you can in that topic or field.

The last thing that is important in this journey (and may seem contradictory to the last point I just mentioned,) is to do things that are not around your business.

Read content or listen to podcasts that are not work or industry specific – this is called being more rounded.

In your work world you are the expert – in your human world you need to not be boring!


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