A top strategy that you may not be using

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Stay focussed!

Yip – that’s the best strategy for success.

But it is so few of us that can do it.

We are programmed to look and “be” busy – but we are so busy being busy that we don’t actually get the business done.

We are only happy when we are moaning about the number of emails we have to get through or spending time making sure that everyone sees how busy we are.

Task lists get longer not shorter, right?

Your mailbox gets to zero every day?

You see accumulation is a constant – we collect more, we have more and do less as time passes.

So – we need to sit down and look at what we have to do and how much we have to do and what that will do for our bottom line.

What do you need to remove to move forward.

Working from home has actually compounded this further.

Don’t be busy, be focussed.


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