So what next

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Yesterday I wrote about facing your fears and breaking an introverted aspect.

Now what?

So you took the plunge and said “Hi” one of two things happens:

  1. A welcomed and somewhat relieved response back from the person and hopefully good conversation start to flow or
  2. The cold shoulder

Where option 1 is the prize, I will say that the possibility of getting blown off is not the norm but definitely does happen.

This can be devastating to your ego and self-esteem.

You have two choices – fight or flight.

Please fight!

Engage the person again. Chances are they were involved in something and did not mean to be rude or closed off. I know you are thinking “If they ignore me again …?” Then it’s not worth it and the action is to pivot on your heels and engage the person immediately behind you.

The benefit is that you don’t walk away like a spanked child and if the conversation with the new person develops and even better escalates into laughter – you can know that the rude person behind you is experiencing FOMO and you can do a silent mic-drop in your mind!


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