Have you got a culture of fearless innovation?

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This whole blog is about turning failure around.

There is another F word that goes hand in hand with this, no not that one, FEAR!

Fear is the biggest catalyst when it comes to failure!

Knowing how to lead and more importantly, motivate people to do things regardless of the potential of failure is paramount to success.

As a leader it is important to learn how to allow your team to do; not stop them because something could go wrong.

More importantly, when they fail or something goes wrong- it is how you respond that will be critical to the path forward.

If you reprimand or scold – your put fear into them and they will not take chances moving forward which means the potential of losing out on potential that could lead to greatness.

If a failure occurs, analyse, discuss and ask: “How or what could be done to make it better moving forward?”

As long as there is accountability, there is possibility. If there is fear there will be failure!


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