Are you weird?

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You may not think so but your potential clients may.

Here’s a scenario; you call someone cold and the call is awkward – in their mind, you are weird.

Worse, you feel weird and deflated.

So how do you get past this?


Yip – research the person you are calling. There are two critical components to this exercise.

  1. You know them and their likes/dislikes and interests so you can bring this into the cold (or initial) call or engagement. This warms things up straight away.
  2. In researching them you may find that you know someone in common (using LinkedIn as an example) and can get introduced to the prospect rather than trying your luck cold.

Remember that a cold call only has around a 10% max chance of success. Not sure about you but that sounds like pretty crap odds to me!

So – balance the field – use one or both of the above ideas and get the percentage to a 90% chance of success.


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