Do you know how to find top talent?

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Besides pandemics and economic strain – companies are going through restructures and automation is part of the plans.

We are losing the ability to connect as humans.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), is now more in demand than ever before.

As we streamline and automate we dehumanise even more and more.

Then, add in work from home and we separate humans and co-workers even more than before.

As we are even more disconnected than before so when there are good people out there, they are not out there for long.

To make it worse, top people now have even more choice than before.

If someone knows that they are in demand, they also know they can charge whatever they like as they have multiple choices available to them.

So how do we find the right people (this could be applied to suppliers too!)

Well, remember – business is people serving people!

It’s not the technology or tools in the business – but the people that use or run these tools and resources.

So the secret is to hire right!

Hire the right people to perform the right tasks at the right times to get the jobs right and make your customers happy.

So how do you find the top talent?

You look!

Look at your competitors, look at your suppliers, look at your marketplace and look at people that you interact with on a day to day basis.

The right people are out there and they too are looking for the right company.


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