How to get more time

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Image: Key person of influence

Ok. Sorry but it’s not possible.

Whether you are rich or poor successful or broke we all only have 24 hours in the day!

The differentiator is how we use this time.

If our lives are measured in time and life is an energy force then we need to spend our time doing things that give us positive energy.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that they spend time doing things they enjoy.

This leads to positive energy which gives them more energy and so they can (not literally – remember we all have 24 hours) do more.

The secret here is to actually look at successful people and see how much they do in a day and then unpack it as to whether they actually do it or do they delegate it.

Chances are the tasks that are delegated are the ones that drain their (and probably the poor sods doing it) energy.

They focus on and do the tasks that they enjoy and therefore want to do and so through this positive output they fill up their energy and achieve more in a day


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