Invest in yourself

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Yesterday I spoke about the value of the older generation. I thought I would carry on the theme of value today.

Don’t ask how much something costs. Ask what it’s worth.

When it comes to investing in yourself do it. If a course or a lecture or seminar is going to help you and make you money then as long as it’s going to make you more than it costs it seems like a good investment to me.

There have been a lot of seminars and events I have wanted to attend over the years and I have always asked:

“Am I going to earn more than I pay to attend?”

If the answer is yes then do it. In no or not sure then don’t.

It really is that simple.

You also need to factor time into the equation. The time you spend attending is time lost on doing work or closing deals – so if it all adds up and you still see the return being more than the outlay then to me it sounds like a win.


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