How to solve family issues in business?

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Its simple – don’t employ or work with family.

It doesn’t work.

I have tried it and it was a mistake.

There is very rarely a positive outcome from working with family, sorry – you come here for honesty and real advise, this is it.

I know you can point out examples of where family businesses have succeeded but I promise the failures far outweigh the successes.

Please remember that working with family means that this is not only in the office, family and family relationships extend beyond the office.

So even if you see what appears to be a successful business do you know what happens behind the scenes at home?

Think about your working environment. If there is someone you don’t like but have to work with them the positive or maybe even the thing that gets you through the day is that at 5pm you go home and don’t have to see them again till the next day.

Now imagine that person comes home with you?

Imagine having a fight in the morning and then having to go to work with them?

Trust me it is not worth it, it doesn’t work and will or could, more often than not end badly.


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