Is this a mistake you make?

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Things aren’t always what they seem.

How often have we seen someone do something and then realise their actions were not spiteful but actually caring or considerate?

We are predisposed to see the negative in everything it’s time to learn to play things out – in other words let the scenario play to its end before reacting or commenting.

An example.

A little boy is holding two cupcakes in his hand – one chocolate and one vanilla – his mom asked for one and he immediately proceeds to take a bite out of both.

The mother, now angry, was about to react when her son turned around and said – take this one its the sweetest.

See – let the scenario play out.

Actions are not always as clear as words so pause before you react(to anything in life).

You don’t skip to the end of a movie; you watch the whole thing right?

By applying this thinking and action or control not only will you save yourself some stress when perceiving things but will find that there is generally more good than malice in peoples actions.


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