Are you responsible?

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So yesterday I spoke about making good choices. But what about the bad choices you have made?
We all make more bad than good choices in life.

The secret is to take ownership for it.

You see when things have gone wrong I am sorry to say that you were directly responsible. No it wasn’t “bad timing” it wasn’t a worldwide pandemic (You do know that the wealthy got even wealthier during Covid?) It is the actions you did, or didn’t take that led to the outcome.

If you were in a business partnership that failed, were you across everything in the business? Were there things that were not your responsibility but your partners (thats why you have a partner)? Sorry to be the one to tell you this – that even if it was their responsibility, it was your responsibility to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to!

This is unfortunately just how things are.

I have learn’t a great saying here in Australia the other day; “Have a cup of concrete”.

Basically it’s telling you to toughen up – so; accept responsibility and own everything you do and then the success or failures will be yours and yours alone. You will see that life becomes much easier with this mindset.


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