Life – part 1 of 3

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Image: Becoming minimalist

Most people just live in a circle or repeating loop!

We are a habitual bunch. We wake up, check emails (if you still doing this you haven’t read some of my previous posts), then get up – get dressed – join the race blah blah blah – go to sleep and start again tomorrow.

Have you noticed though, in the continual blah blah – if you look down at your to-do-list that not much of it was actually ticked off?

It’s because we are so busy with what others are asking us to do – we are reactive – we react to emails, we react to social posts we react to what others ask of us (especially if it’s your superiors) right!

Time to change.

Get up tomorrow and do your stuff first!

Don’t look at your emails, don’t look at your socials, do what you want and need to do.

If something is so critical that it needs immediate attention – they will call you or send smoke signals.

Liking the picture of your friend’s cat sleeping is probably not one of the distractions that should distract you from being awesome!

Learn to attack your day not defend your outputs.


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