Are you sending the wrong message?

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Photo: Bold Grace Ministries

We all know about body language and not to sit with your arms crossed when in a meeting etc.

But what about your face?

Have you had a meeting with someone who looks like they have a “smell” under their nose or like they would rather be anywhere except there listening to you?

In some cases this may not be the actual scenario.

I know I have definitely sat in a meeting or presentation where I felt that it was going so bad looking at the expression of some of the people’s faces that I would rather be getting my toe nails plucked than be there.

However, in some instance it’s actually just that person’s expression!


Yes a face can look like it’s not interested or angry in its natural or relaxed state. Equally it can look the same when totally engrossed too.

Our faces do not always communicate what we are actually thinking or feeling so it’s important to practice what your face looks like in all states. This is as important as body language, maybe even more so now that we are in the age of video calls as opposed to physical meetings.

You may need to be like the Joker and just smile all the time (without the clinical insanity though).

You’ve heard the saying “ Time to put on your game face” ……


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