So what is the answer to the best routine?

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If you read yesterday’s post the main takeaway was prep and sleep.

So now it is today.

The how to part of the routine.

You have to launch!

It’s great that you have a routine and have planned what you going to do but its all useless if you don’t actually do it!

Where I mentioned getting good sleep and tiring out your body the opposite is now the case.

Your mind should now be awake and ready – so feed it!

Don’t get distracted, don’t spend time at gym or doing exercise – work out your mind!

Get into that which you have to do.

Before the day runs away from you or you get distracted.

Remember on Monday I said – don’t get distracted by email or social etc – that is critical to remember – you have to own this time.

This is your routine – you need to own it and do what you planned to do.

Remember this is why “the getting everything ready to go” was done the night before. Now, do it!

No procrastinating. No deliberating. No thinking about it. Just do what you planned to do and do it well.


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