Want to know the brutal truth about life and death?

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More people will be happier (and benefit) than sad that you are dead when your time comes!

Scary hey – well it is obvious – all the service providers in the funeral industry just got a new order; they are happy.

Your competitors won’t miss you, it just got easier to compete.

People that were only associated with you because of what they hoped to get from you on your demise!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

So why am I writing this horrible post?

It’s because we spend our lives worried about doing things because we are worried about what people will think of us or how they will react.

So – if less than 10 people will actually care when you do pop your clogs but more than 10 will rejoice – then why do you care what people think?

Take that and use it to empower yourself.

Be your best you for you.

Be the best for you to enjoy what you do. Don’t care what people think as they won’t actually be there at the end so don’t worry about them now.

The message is to go out there and do what you want to do and not worry about what people (that you probably don’t know and don’t care about as they equally don’t know or care about you) think.


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