How to gain an edge part 1 of 5

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Stake your claim!

Like the prospectors of days gone by hunting gold.

Ask yourself- Why do I exist? Why am I here? What can only I do?

You get it – identify what it is that only you can do or a story that only you can tell.

If you are not sure of the answer there is two ways to find out:

Look at your past and what you did, what you succeeded in and what you were good at.


Ask someone – the people closest to you, know you better than you know yourself – so ask them – this may help you identify the secret sauce.

Try then look at your industry and the market and identify what is missing or what service could be provided better.

The last thing you need to answer is who do you want to fly the flag for?

Once you have identified who you are going to be awesome for, understand their needs and then over-deliver on them.


How? and



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