Do you know how to get people to love you?

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We all want to feel loved, right?

Well in business this is no different. How many of you have clients that think they are your only one? How many of you have clients that demand more attention than may seem financially worthwhile?

We all have these or have had these types pf clients.

Here is the best sales trick I can share with you.

Treat them in this exact manner! Yip, make them feel, no believe, they are your only client.


It’s actually quite easy. No matter what you are doing or who you are talking to, when they walk into the room make a fuss. Stop what you are doing and greet and acknowledge them.

Now this may seem hard, but if you do this with every single person that enters the room or when you enter a room, you will not only win them over, they will feel special and in such, want to be with you and ultimately spend money with you.

There is a “but” here.

This can’t be contrived! It has to be sincere. This will have the opposite effect if it is forced or false.

You actually have to want to be that enthusiastic to see them – you have to want to make them feel special (remember the article I wrote about your face giving you away a couple of weeks ago?)

The important thing to remember and I have said this time and time again, it should actually be easy and natural because you should only be working with or for people you want to be with – so if you have clients that you can’t stand or irritate you, get rid of them!

When it’s natural and easy, it’s successful.


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