Failing to prepare…

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Is preparing to fail!

Sounds so obvious right? Yet so many of us get this wrong.

Whether you are going for a job interview or cold calling a prospect, a lack of preparation is not only disrespectful to you and the client/interviewer but it is also a recipe for failure!

Let’s take a DIY task (and for those that know me personally, you know this is not my field of expertise). We need to build a cupboard from a flatpack. What do you think our chance of success are without a single tool?

Point taken?

So why would you treat your business any differently?

We all want to sit and watch the Sunday night sport. But this will not help you when it comes to the phone call to a prospective client the next day and they ask you how you would do “x” and you don’t have the answer!

Preparation is key to success.

If you reading this sitting on the 31st floor of a building wouldn’t you feel a lot better knowing that the builder prepared the foundation according to the building code and best practices?

If you reading this in an airplane at 35000 feet you probably take solace in the fact that a strict pre-flight safety check was performed?

So why treat your business and professional life any differently.

If you want to build something worthwhile, prepare. If you lay the right foundations you already have a better chance of succeeding.


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