Time is Literally Money!

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Benjamin Franklin said “Time is Money” maybe that’s why they put his face on the US$100 Bill.

There is a different take on this though. Yesterday I spoke about loving what you do. Today I want to continue that in pointing out what you spend your time doing.

We spend so much time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that it literally costs us.

You see as humans we have this terrible thing called FOMO; The Fear of Missing Out. We check in on social networks 136 minutes a day on average to make sure we know what is going on and who is doing what and where. We spend 238 minutes a day watching TV! (This is nearly 6.5 hours a day).

Imagine if we could see the money (literally) coming out of our wallets as wasted time while we were doing this?

If this was possible we may not binge-watch all 4 seasons of Gotham on Netflix! We probably wouldn’t spend time watching all those cute video clips shared with dogs bouncing on trampolines neither.

Do this exercise:

Work out your hourly rate (whether this is a salary or rate charged as a business owner) and then work out how many hours you spend wasted on Netflix or Social Media or checking (non work related emails). Then multiply the two together and then multiply it by 365. This is how much money you have lost wasting time.

Scary right!

You have to learn to self manage. The good news is that this is a skill that CAN be taught. It’s hard and I have worked with a few clients over the years on this, but it is possible to get there and once you are there you will see the difference as the time you have recovered doesn’t necessarily only equate to more money earned, but can be spent or invested on your relationships and the things that actually matter (and these are priceless).

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