So can you close the deal?

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I have been talking about persuasion and confidence over the last few posts.

There is an emotional mindset that we need to learn how to manage and project.

You see when you go into a meeting with a preconceived ideal or intent this is then projected and the recipients pick up on this.

If you think of a customer as a target, you will project this when you in the room and they will feel it.

When you think you are being targeted what do you do?

Protect yourself right?

So how do you sell to someone when they are in defensive mode?

You can’t!

Read yesterday’s post again and then read this:

A friendly mindset is the key to closing deals.

Think of your current suppliers. There are some that you feel you have to deal with, some you don’t want to deal with and those you love dealing with.

Unfortunately a lot of people fall into the first two groups.

The goal is to have your customers look forward to you calling on them.

I remember many moons ago, a business partner of mine said to me after a meeting:

“Great job, but next time leave the cowboy hat and six shooters outside – it may have been a bit too aggressive.”

At first I was taken aback, today I say, thank you for this. It helped me learn how to sell in my new environment and what would and wouldn’t work with prospective customers.

The conclusion here is do not sell, help!

In your mind you need to think and believe that what you are doing is helping people. When you sell a house to someone, you are not closing a deal for commission, you are helping a family find the perfect place for them to be safe and happy.
See the difference?

If you think and act like this – your potential customers (not victims) will be more receptive to what it is you are offering!

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