Want to know my personal development plan?

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I often get asked how do I learn and grow. What is my plan to develop?

There is two answers to this question: Just in Case and Just in time.

Just in Case – The things that I read, learn, follow etc – this is what I do to stay on top of trends or things that I can help my customers with in case they ever ask me.

Just in Time – First off you need to identify your number one goal. Then, you need to identify the number one skill that is needed to achieve the number one goal.
Then read up or learn from all different types of content and resources to upskill and achieve the goal.
This can be content from anywhere including podcasts or a vodcast ( I host a Vodcast called #TechKnowledgy every Wednesday on LinkedIn and Facebook. you can see a past episode here and follow me for the reminder each week.
Attend webinars, attend a course or workshop or book in a session with an expert.
Do this 4 times a year (1 per quarter) and you will see how to achieve numerous skills and goals

There is a bit more to the above two methodologies which I am happy to share. If you are interested, book in a time with me: Work with Brett

PS – Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wife. Hope you have an amazing day and year ahead


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