Did you know that dieting is the key to business success?

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Well it is the weekend so you can’t blame me for thinking about food and drinking.

But that’s not what the post is about.

People are constantly on diet and for most, the results are never the desired outcomes.

Sound familiar?

Well the secret is not to give up the sweets and tasty things that are bad for you – it is to trick the mind into thinking it is still getting these things but via a substitute.

Business is no different. We need to ensure that our customers get what we are selling even if they are looking for something else.

We need to show them that what we are providing is better for them and the business.

A side note – if they looking for a tractor and you convince them a mini is better at doing the job and they buy one from you, please send me your resume!

Back to the thinking. So, I am not suggesting selling something they don’t need I’m suggesting you need to learn the powers of persuasion.

I have done a few courses and workshops with clients on competitive or comparative marketing so if you would like to find out more please book a time with me.


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