Super success and how to achieve it

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Friday was a bit of a heavier post than normal so I thought to kickstart the week with a positive thought.

Here is the mantra for the week: You need to have a relentless drive!

You have to do more and work more than your competitors.

Do the maths – if someone works for 40 hours a week and you work for 80 hours a week then you will achive double what they do in half the time.

Instead of watching an episode of the latest series – spend that hour working.

This is tough (and one of my weak points as I love series) but then – you have to accept that you will not be as successful as those that are not watching.

So, the questions you need to ask yourself:-

Where can you work more?
What can you do less of that will allow more time to work?
What can you give up that is not contributing to your success?

Simply put, the more you sacrifice and the harder you work, the bigger and quicker the outcomes will be.


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