Do you know how to juggle better?

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Do you feel like you are continually juggling? Work, family and life as a whole?

So ask yourself, which ball is the most critical ball that is in the air?

Which one is not that serious and which would be a catastrophe if you dropped it?

You see there will always be more balls in the air than you have hours in the day.

So by identifying which is which you will be in a better position to know the difference if it is not urgent and you let it fall it won’t be a problem. But one that breaks, well that’s a disaster.

The best lesson here is to learn how to identify these different types. An example; if it’s work – you could let it drop when considering it compared to your family.

Sometimes, however, there will be things that are super serious that will require your immediate attention and even though they may have been previously classified as a ball that can be dropped – this is not the case now. This is called life! we can’t predict the future but we can plan and have contingencies in place for when these rare challenges present.

Planning is always the best way to avoid disasters and equally planning for the disaster is even better.


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