The great and unexpected challenge of leadership

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A leader needs to bring a collective to a productive team.

Think about sports, when the team loses the Coach and Captain are the first people that are looked at!

The challenge is to manage the well being of the team while in pursuit of the achievement of the goals.

As leaders, we rose to the top because we worked harder than anyone else.

But it is important to remember that not everyone has the same drive and motivation to achieve – this is a skill that a leader needs to be able to identify so as not to push an individual too far so that they crash and burn or leave.

This is one of the hardest traits and skills to learn as a leader – the secret to knowing just how far to push before you push them over the edge.

At the point where hard work results in diminishing returns, this is when you have it wrong.

Pushing a team to succeed and to the edge is good, knowing when to hit the brakes, even more important.

It is important to remember that everyone is different and in such have different points at which point they cross the apex from success to failure.

If you can master any skill as a leader, its identifying this point and getting them to stay at it for as long as possible as well as having the ability to bring them back before they tip over.


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