The power of your why

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I am a huge Simon Sinek fan – if you don’t know his work – please get one of his books and read it.

Taking on the premise of “Start with Why” there is a very simple motivation technique to get anyone, including yourself, to do something and to do it on their own volition.

It has to be important to them!

Yip – its that simple.

You see you may not think you can run a marathon – but if I told you that your child’s life depended on you finishing the marathon chances are you will find all the motivation you need to get it done!


It’s no different in business.

Find out why people do what they do and more importantly – why they work.

It’s not always just for the paycheck.

When you can identify their “why” you have a secret power over them and maybe you should sit down and look in the mirror and ask yourself “why?”

You will be amazed at how your mindset changes when you are doing for the reason you want to be doing instead of have to be doing!


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