Newsflash: We all only have 24 hours in a day!

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Photo: Corbett Public Relations

We always say how little time we have or we don’t have time to do that etc.

Here’s a news flash; Every single person in the world has the exact same amount of time as you do!

Unbelievable right? All these years you thought famous and successful people had more time than we do, Nope!

It’s what you do with it that makes a difference! You see if you watch 3 hours of Netflix a day that’s 3 hours you don’t have to do something else. It’s not rocket science, its fact.

It’s not about having enough time it’s about how you spend it. Every time you check Instagram this costs you time. Just quickly watching the rerun of the 2015 Super Bowl when you know the result is a waste of time.

So stop saying you don’t have time and start allocating the time you have to what you should be doing. We can talk about sleep another day, but a lot of successful people not only get what needs to be done, done. They also get enough sleep too.

It is much easier to veg out on the sofa and binge watch the latest series of Stranger Things. hell no normal person would rather write a presentation than do this. It’s also easier to say you are busy than get up and go ride a bicycle or hit the gym for a session.

Who would rather go grocery shopping or play another round of your favourite computer game?

We all have the ability to make these choices, it is however the choices we make that can limit our abilities.

The time you spend doing things that are not going to have a direct and measurable benefit to your personal and professional life are a waste of time (and money).


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